About Us

Bhargava Opticians was established in 2000. Since its inception, we have catered to affluent and influential people from across the country with a wide variety of optical luxury solutions & unmatched services. Currently having a chain of 6 stores in Jaipur, Varanasi, Allahabad, Gurugram, Delhi & Mathura and have 20,000+ client base, our customer base has expanded nationally catering to successful businessmen, politicians, well-known celebrities, and royal families.


We offer Measurement services with Essilor Visioffice 2 available at Our Store "Bhargava Opticians". The measurements with "Essilor Visioffice_2" include identifying the dominant eye and the ratio of eye movement to head movement, as well as your natural head posture and your preferred reading distance. The Visioffice also identifies the distance between the back of the lens and the eye, the wrap of the frame, and the pantoscopic tilt of the frame to further increase visual accuity and comfort.

The"Visioffice 2" also takes measurements specific to how you naturallyview your environment, as well as measurements specific to how your choice offrame fits you.

Our vision is to simply provide quality eyewear solutions including luxury spectacles, sunglasses, & other optical jewellery items to clients accross the world combined with a perfect after-sale service they deserve. To make this possible , we have a range of the best optical consultants and eye care practitioners, trained rigorously. We also make sure that our customers get the most suitable ophthalmic lenses or contact lenses from reputed and respected lens companies from around the world.